About Us

Tasty Bite Foundation was set up with the objective of being a catalyst for accelerating sustainable and inclusive rural development. Tasty Bite Foundation has been formed by Tasty Bite Eatables Limited (subsidiary of Mars Foods), a rapidly growing fully integrated organic and prepared food company that has been preparing fast, flavourful and all-natural ethnic food – including entrées, rice bowls and curries – to delight consumers for over 35 years. TBEL believes that good food should not come at the expense of people or the planet, therefore it proudly strives to give back to the community and environment in which it operates.

Carrying forward Tasty Bite Eatables' corporate mission of building a socially responsible company, the foundation aims to enable all-round development of farm, farmers and community through our work. We believe, farmer prosperity lies at the core of nation building and to promote their well-being, we remain steadfast in our commitment to empower and enable them to lead better lives.


Our Purpose

To be a catalyst for accelerating sustainable & inclusive rural development

Scope of Work

Empowering Farmers through infrastructure support & technology solutions

Desired Outcome

Enhanced income, employment, education and well being